Detroit, 6 March 2018

Zug Island

Yesterday, I met Louis West. He is an 18-year-old artist who grew up in Detroit. We went for a walk. I want to take you on this walk through Downtown Detroit and just let Louis speak and share his point of view of the city he is living in.


Check out Louis‘ music by clicking on the following links:

Husky Xing
Yung Dracoslayer





Later in the afternoon, I went to the Black Horse Cantina. This bar is right face to face with Zug Island Road. I was pretty sure I would find some guests in there who work on Zug Island or know something about the island at least.


A Mexican runs the bar and all guests were Mexicans. Unfortunately, nobody knew anything about Zug Island. The bartender – he has moved here from Chicago some weeks ago – did not know that there is a a place named Zug Island just about 400 meters away from his workplace, at all. The owner of the bar told me to go to Green Dot Stables. He was sure I could find some people in that restaurant that know Zug Island.


Diana, the bartender, came up with a surprise.


Next to me was a man who was listening to the conversation I had with Diana. He mentioned, that he once was on Zug Island. Because he still is working for the United States Army as a captain he is not allowed to talk about his experience in particulars. Let’s call this man Rick. Off the record, Rick told me that he has seen some dingy old buildings on Zug Island. He told me that his degree is in history and that he focused on the history of Michigan. »However, I have no clue what Zug Island is«, the historian said.

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