Zug (Switzerland), 12 June 2020

50 kilometers away from Zoug

Stefan Poth, headhunter, adventurer and traveller from Zug in Switzerland, told me about his journey which took him in January/February 2020 via Morocco and the Western Sahara to Mauritania. During this trip he came close to Zoug in the Western Sahara. Only about 50 kilometres separated him from this place at the southern tip of the Western Sahara when he drove through Mauritania in a Land Rover.

My current art and research project «A different Zug» aims to visit all the places Zug in the world. Since it is currently not possible to travel to Zoug in Western Sahara for political reasons, I am looking for other ways to get information about this place. I spoke with Stefan Poth about this journey and recorded the sound of this conversation (language: German).


After the interview Stefan Poth gave me a specimen copy of the «Auto Illustrierte» from May 2020. In this issue a travelogue by Stefan Poth was printed. Only at home, while reading the article, I noticed that Stefan Poth mentioned me and my art project. Of course I am very happy about that.



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